My first experience of TRI was a warm sounding voice on a message. I had applied for a job online and submitted my CV and the recruitment was being handled by this agency. Traci quickly set up a meeting with me and I went to the office. A smart but inviting office awaited with 3 friendly and welcoming faces, Traci, Emma and Siân. After getting me to fill in some initial paperwork, Traci sat down with me and asked insightful questions about me and my CV, my past experiences and what I was really looking for. She took the time to understand me in a way no other agency has, so much so that TRI are now the only agency I am registered with. She explored the job I had applied for and reasons for my application and suggested that I might be better suited to an alternative position she was holding and we agreed I would apply – it looked like my dream job! In the meantime TRI quickly and efficiently found me a quality temporary position so that I was able to earn some money whilst waiting.

I did not hold out much hope for the dream job as it was a major shift, from a teaching background into an administrative role, but to my delight Traci called and arranged an interview time. I was sent some really helpful preparation materials and the documents are clear and useful. After I had the interview Traci discussed feedback with me. A week later I was delighted to be offered my dream job, which is a full-time, permanent position. The TRI office were the first to celebrate with me!

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