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Since June 2014 I have been signed up to Tri and over the last 2 years they have helped me to gain employment on a temporary basis and a stronger skill set through the experience of employments in a number of working environments. From the first contact with the Tri team, my nerves of being a box fresh graduate and now having to find my way into the working world was eased.

Following meeting the team in my initial interview, any doubts I had of recruitment agencies were squashed, they had time to listen to what I wanted to gain from employment, my past experiences and my future ambitions. With the future ambitions the Tri team went out of their way to find employments which would aid this. However most of all, I had limited flexibility due to studying my masters, yet they still worked hard to find employment opportunities for me, whether I could accept these opportunities or not, they were still working on my behalf and looking after my interests.

I am now in full and permanent employment based on a temp job I took with a company following the Tri team setting this up for me. Tri are hard-working, always helpful, look after your best interests, SO friendly and will go above and beyond to find work for their clients and make it a stress free process.

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