Matt came into our offices looking for temporary work over the summer before heading off back to University in September as we were extremely busy we offered him some temp work within our office. He fitted straight into our team and was happy to complete anything that was asked of him including making coffee which utilised his previous experience as a barista!

We have since placed Matt in several temporary roles over the summer, here is what he thought of his experience of recruitment:

“For 3 weeks I worked at The Recruitment Initiative after originally applying through the agency in order to seek part-time employment before returning to University. I left my initial interview with Tri feeling very positive following a friendly chat which allowed me to speak about my strengths and weaknesses alongside identifying which areas of the job market we felt I would excel in. Unfortunately, (or so I thought) there were limited part-time vacancies available at the time, especially for someone of my limited professional experience. To my excitement, I received a call days later offering me a temporary role at Tri itself to help with Administration.

From the minute I arrived I was in a fantastic and supportive working environment which has enabled me to learn a myriad of new skills and is proving to be instrumental in my professional development. Through working here it became very clear to me from the onset that the company truly cares about its candidates and my training primarily consisted of teaching me this focus; the candidates come first. Due to the sheer amount of applicants, it initially shocked me how much trouble I had to go through in order to chase up missing information, arrange interviews and particularly through offering my time and effort to a select few who don’t seem to show any gratitude in return! Nonetheless, at Tri I have learnt that putting in hard work and fully dedicating yourself to whole host of tasks undoubtedly pays off, displayed through the amount of gifts and words of appreciation offered by joyful and successful candidates. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and appreciate that an environment this approachable and welcoming is not commonplace and for this reason I am eternally grateful for such a positive experience through this brief but beneficial foray into the recruitment world.”

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