After watching the Channel 4’s programme ‘Old Peoples Home For 4 Year Olds’ we all agreed in the office that this was a fantastic idea and wished we could somehow get involved in a similar project. Whilst researching local charities as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative we discovered that AgeUK Warwickshire were indeed setting up a similar scheme called the Befriending Service, it was a unanimous vote that they were to be one of our chosen charities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative includes donating a percentage of permanent placement fees to whichever one of our three chosen charities the client selects, so with contributions made from a number of placements and clients choosing to support The Befriending Service we were delighted to find out that AgeUK Warwickshire were going to be holding a Befriending Project Social Afternoon and that Tri were going to be sponsoring the event which was to be held in Kenilworth.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Amy and several volunteers from AgeUK Warwickshire who were all very warm and welcoming. The older guests were chatting to each other and tucking into the refreshments. We found a space on a table with 2 absolutely lovely ladies Margaret and Brenda.

We then spotted that the children from the local school had arrived, they quietly entered the room armed with school exercise and reading books. They went to each table, found a seat and started to speak with the older guests. It was amazing to see how easy the interaction was between the difference age groups. The children listened and read stories and there were smiles all round.

The afternoon was a success and the feedback was fantastic:

“I had the most wonderful time and met a lady that I knew years ago and we are going to meet regularly – it is such a small world”
“The children were absolutely delightful, the joy of hearing a story, it brought back memories of my own school days”
“Please thank the people who paid for this event, it was so lovely – we are already keen for the next one”
“I have not been out of my home for over 4 months and didn’t know what to expect, I could not have been made more welcome and it has given so much confidence thank you for inviting me”

We are hoping that we will be able to sponsor another event very soon.

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